Bold Introduction

It’s a white, flaky day, and the temperature is below zero. The smell of trees, and everlasting nature, complements the hints of the early morning sunrise and the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee. The powder outside is so fresh that one could sleep in it. It is the perfect weather to pick up the gear and hit the slopes.

The morning comes, you feel the heat and the salt water rubbing against your skin. You feel that perfect island breeze running through your hair and all you want is to dive into the crystal clear sea water and soak it all in. Your best friend is your surf board, and your heart is full of passion. The adrenaline starts to set in once you see that first 10 foot tall wave crash on the shore and all you can think about is riding the tide until the sun sets down again.

The sky is clear and the adrenaline starts to kick in. You get ready for your first skydiving experience and everything feels surreal. You put on your suit, your parachute and you start to take your first steps towards the airplane. Oh my the excitement is off the charts and the eagerness to get jumping is on another level. Your instructor begins to strap his suit onto yours and talks to you about final details and safety regulations. Safety regulations? You think… you’re about to jump off a plane into the deep blue sky, there is no safety to that, just pure recklessness. Regardless you are ready, and once that plane has hit its maximum height and you take your final steps towards the exit door your mind goes blank and the adrenaline starts to become real. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….. The world is at your feet and you are flying away like a free bird in the sky.

Once the running starts it does not stop. The jumps and glides from building to building are as thrilling as it can get. The free run on top of high roof tops and steep walls can get anyone excited. Unless you are now learning to free run (parkour), then they can get you one trip to the ER with a broken bone. Experience is gained, and once it is, it all becomes smooth and fun. You go up and down the streets of beautiful cities, and get to see views that no one can ever imagine; standing on a rooftop of the highest building or gliding down the side walls of a monument. It is a feeling of freedom like no other and once you let it in, it can never leave.


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