Bold Jump

Skydiving in Greece has gained a lot of followers over the past few years, with more and more people seeking the thrill of holding on for dear life at 12,000 feet.

For anyone seeking this adrenaline pump of jumping off an airplane, one of the best locations and skydiving teams in Greece is known as Sky Dive Greece (very original, I know). This skydiving center is located 45 minutes outside of Athens, at the town of Megara, but their team goes all around Greece for certain periods of time to fulfill more people’s skydiving seeking thrill. For example, my cousin that lives on the island of Crete went and found them at the city of Chania this past summer, where they re located for a few weeks for the summer time.


Another more stunning and “natural” skydiving location in Greece, but definitely made for the experts of the sport is that of the free jump skydive at the island of Zakynthos, over the famous Navagio Beach of the island. More specifically this type of skydiving is known as base jumping and for anyone that desires to do such a jump must have significant experience in order to keep their cool and deploy the parachute on time. The view of this base jump is, to say the least, magical, and anyone who has the experience, and craziness to want to do it Zakynthos is definitely a perfect place to go.


For me, skydiving is on my to do list of extreme sports, but not anytime soon. It needs some further thinking, as my fear of heights does not allow me to follow through with it yet. Who knows though, maybe if I do decide to go skydiving I will overcome this fear and live to tell a beautiful story. After all, life is about making memories and we must overcome our greatest fears to truly become fearless. HA … no one is fearless, but we can certainly get close. The goal is to not let hard situations hold you back from what you truly want to do in life, and skydiving can be a start for me to brake through my fear of heights. You never know, one day I might be the one in that picture base jumping off the cliffs of Navagio Beach in Zakyntho.


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