Bold Running

Free running or Parkour as it is also known, is an “acrobatic and athletic discipline founded by Sébastien Foucan, who wrote a book on the subject. Foucan started what he termed “freerunning” in 2003, which he developed as a more inclusive form of parkour. Parkour’s development from military obstacle course training gives it and freerunning some aspects of a non-combative martial art. Freerunning is a version of parkour that includes acrobatic moves that are purely aesthetic, most practitioners do this art fluidly. Freerunning may also include some Tricking.”

In other words, it is an extreme sport that takes a lot of guts and courage to do, as you literally jump from rooftop to rooftop, and spin over and under walls through the city. This is an extreme sport that I would not be willing to try as I believe my thrill level does not go that high. Also, my endurance is very low for so much running and jumping around. It is a sport that I love watching videos of other people that do it, and I admire their skill and abilities to overcome such obstacle, while not getting tired easily.

In Greece the sport has been on the rise as many youngsters are following the footsteps of professional free runners from around the world. I have seen a lot of people do parkour around athens, but with small obstacles. I have also seen others who take it up a notch and jump over some medium sized buildings from one roof to another. Talk about adrenaline right there.

Parkour needs a lot of strength and control of your movements. It needs patience and creativity, as well as a lot of imagination to be able to use the environment around you, as many professionals say.

Recently I saw a video online of some free running professionals that came to the island of Santorini, Greece, and jumped through all of the rooftops, and ran through all the allies of the island. Their skill is inspiring and their words of wisdom can motivate anyone to do anything. The scenery of the island is also breathtaking, which is something that makes the run a lot more worth while. Here is the video for you to enjoy and get inspired by:





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