Bold Winds

Photo Credits: Haidee Pittas

Location: Karpathos Island, Greece

Windsurfing is another one of my favorite extreme sports, and lucky for me, I am from an island famous for its heavy winds and perfect windsurfing conditions.

Ever since I was a little girl my family has been pushing me towards windsurfing during the summer time when we would go for three months to Karpathos, our home. The truth is I didn’t start windsurfing until I was 20 years old. I don’t know why it took me that long, but what comes to mind with this is “better late than never”. I’m not going to lie, but it is a very tough extreme sport to keep up with. The immense strength, balance and coordination that it needs will definitely give you a run for your money in your beginning days. I know I had the mast and the boom fall on my face at least 10 times when I first started windsurfing. Nevertheless, once you get your feet on the board and the wind hits your sail and you start to pick up speed, everything becomes effortless and your adrenaline kicks in. The rush of excitement you get, gliding on the sea at full speed, is out of this world.

Karpathos island is one of the  most famous windsurfing locations in Greece, and it attracts foreigners from all over Europe, that come with their RVs and stay on the island for months at a time, windsurfing from the first until the last light of day. Most of the visitors are professionals and they are sponsored by big windsurfing companies, but for those wanting to find and rent equipment on the island and not bring their own they can. Honestly, there is a place for everyone at any level. From beginner to expert, there are many locations on the island that can accommodate everyone’s needs. Even if you want to go windsurf with waves there is a chance for that too. Just name it and it’s there.

The most devastating time for all of the windsurfers of course are the days with no wind on the island, and yes we do have those on occasion. But nevertheless, they still go out in the water to work on freestyle tricks, because a day with no windsurfing is not a good day at all to them.


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