This is a page devoted to the lovers of extreme sports like myself. I am a 23 year old college student studying Communication at the American College of Greece, with a passion for photography and a love for thrill and extreme sports. I am very sporty and adventurous, with skiing and windsurfing being my main thrills. My family, my dog, and my friends are my strength and the island I am from, Karpathos, Greece, is my paradise.

Extreme sports are a wonderful form of expression for anyone bold enough to get involved with one. There are so many to choose from and the list is countless. All you need is to be a fearless thrill seeker and you are all set to get involved in any extreme sport. There are obvious dangers involved, but that is the fun part; to know that there is a chance of getting hurt, but be willing to take that chance anyway.

The aim of this blog is to show the world how truly fantastic extreme sports are, through several personal and professional photographs, as well as the most stunning places to do extreme sports in Greece. The passion is real, and the adrenaline is here, so let’s explore this fantastic world through some of the most spectacular places.